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 Binance :-

Today we will learn about a new site which is called Binance. Many people may have some ideas about this site. 

I will try to give some ideas about it on this site.

They have a website and an app and they have their website name is binance .

And The name of their app is binance App.

In this app, there are various types of crypto news, various services, in addition to this, 

there are many, many different types of events. 

They also give a large amount of dollars to users in the Pati event by doing events completely. 

There are different types of crypto trading one of them is Btc and many other types of crypto BNB.

 it is their own coin apart from that this app has different features so binance can be given 10 out of 10 in one word it is good please comment

thank you all.

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