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 kucoin :-

Today we will know about another app or site which is called Kucoin.

like binance they also have their own coin which is called Kcs current price is like 6 dollars this.

Kucoin has 700+ crypto coins like Btc and ETH.

A good aspect of this site is that it is very easy to trade on their site,

like Binance, in addition, this site has various features, and in this kucoin.

you can convert various types of crypto to usdt, and on this site or their In their own app.

their daily update is given, they have different types of events like referral bonuses.

Besides this site, I can learn about different types of crypto,

Here, there are always different coins or crypto lists,

So it is much less to convert to usdt on this site. 

The fee is similar to binance except that one of the aspects of this site is that you can.

Trend here at 0.10 USD but it is a very good thing.

Which kucoin site or app do you use please comment, 

thank you all.

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